Introducing the New SanBernardino.Today

Introducing the New SanBernardino.Today



Introducing the New SanBernardino.Today Website.

The core feature of SanBernardino.Today is curated, relevant, worldwide news about the city and citizens of San Bernardino. Everything newsworthy that is said about our citizens, said by our citizens, said about our city and said by our city is presented daily, and updated throughout the day. From our great local newspapers and from periodicals worldwide we provide curated news for the City of San Bernardino.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Indian Hill Media's, founding – the first online news site in Claremont, the first Inland Empire and a first in Southern California, and we mark this anniversary with the addition of SanBernardino.Today. New features will be added to this site daily. Bugs will get fixed.

We hope you enjoy this site, and we hope you find it useful.

Indian Hill Media Inc. - Publisher